About The Company

Our Vision

To be recognised as a professional service that understands operational business requirements and strives to deliver the right solutions for our clients.

Our Values

  • We promote the importance of working together.
  • We aim to develop a culture of honesty and integrity where everyone has a viewpoint, and can contribute to what we do.
  • All our customers have equal value and importance.
  • We will nurture long term business relationships with our clients.

Our Company Philosophy

  • A Clean and hygienic working environment that contributes to total efficiency and productivity.
  • A tailored cleaning and maintenance service which meets your specific needs.
  • A quality service tailored to your needs at competitive prices.
  • A reliable, well trained and motivated staff who are committed not only to organisation but also that of our client.
  • Customer satisfaction with the level and quality of services.
  • Efficiency in providing and maintaining services.
  • Clear definition of the customers exact needs.
  • Continuous review of service requirements and identifying opportunities for service improvements.
  • Employee's are properly trained to fulfil their responsibilities and encouraged to continually seek ways to improve quality and service, which will lead to enhanced job satisfaction.
Welcome to Alclinse - professional office cleaning at competitive prices


'The condition of your premises, store, GP surgery or office
reflects directly as to the professionalism of your company'