Health Benefits

If impressing your clients isn't enough reason to pull out your vacuum, consider the health benefits.

Wherever people work together in close proximity, there is always the possibility of spreading germs. cleanliness and proper office maintenance will reduce this problem considerably, and reduce absenteeism.

If you haven't enough time (or energy and patience) to clean your office or surgery regularly, ALCLINSE services limited is your answer.


Quality Control

ALCLINSE recognises the importance of hygiene and cleanliness for our customers. Our field operations managers ensure the highest standards are achieved and maintained via regular quality control visits.

These procedures give our customers the assurance of consistent quality.

ALCLINSE constantly tests out different methods as well as new products on the market. These benefits are then passed onto our customers.


We ensure our own quality

Our goal is to find and address the areas that can enhance the visual image of your business.


A company is its employees

ALCLINSE knows this. Providing our employees with higher wages, better benefits, individualised training, and direct opportunities for advancement.

These ideas enable us to hire and keep the best employees, and these translate directly into a better quality service for our customers.

Welcome to Alclinse - professional office cleaning at competitive prices


'The condition of your premises, store, GP surgery or office
reflects directly as to the professionalism of your company'